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Innovation in Science and Care

Umberto Veronesi, the Founding Father of the Milan Breast Cancer Conference, and a charismatic leader responsible for significant progress in research and care of women with breast cancer, left us on November 8th, 2016. The Milan Breast Cancer Conference, which he initiated almost 20 years ago, will now carry his name.

It will continue to provide caregivers and scientists interested in breast cancer with results of current research. The faculty of international experts will present the most exciting areas of innovation in breast cancer and will discuss issues of significant controversy . The 2017 Umberto Veronesi MBCC have initiated a change to a biannual pace. It will continue to provide detailed information and debate on the most recent innovations in diagnosis and treatment to reach the users, women and health care professionals. The Umberto Veronesi MBCC will continue to be a relevant venue for an audience interested in the newest information regarding innovations that enhance patient care and understanding of the disease.

See you soon in Milan!

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