Additional Scientific Activities

Symposium – Supported by Agendia/Ferrer InCode

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Bringing more confidence in your patients´ therapeutic management

13.00  Clinical Applications of MammaPrint and the MINDACT Trial Results – Franklin Libenson
13.20   Impact of MammaPrint on patients management: a Single Institution Experience – Daniele Generali
13.40   Q&A

Symposium – Supported by Astrazeneca

CME Accreditation for the following specializations: General Surgery, Medical Genetics, Obstetrics and Ginecology, Oncology, Pathological Anatomy, Plastic and reconstructive Surgery, Radiology-Diagnostic, Radiotherapy

Friday, June 23, 2017

Exploring the modern landscape of endocrine therapy for women with advanced breast cancer

Chair Giuseppe Curigliano

13.30   Introduction – Giuseppe Curigliano
13.40   The evolving role of Endocrine Therapy in Advance Breast Cancer – Angelo Di Leo
14.00   Optimizing treatment in Advanced Luminal Breast Cancer – Giuseppe Curigliano
14.20   Q&A